Valid as at 19 May 2019
Summary of Certified Site
Name of Organisation Kinternational Holdings Asia (Kinternational Holdings)
Domain(s) Verified
Website Classification Business Organisation
Validity Period 12 September 2012 till 12 September 2023
Approved Payment(s), Telegraphic Transfer and Cash
The Certified KIH.ASIA Seal is used to verify official websites of Kinternational Holdings or its accredited partners. Kinternational Holdings do not endorse or pre-screen these websites in anyway and is therefore not responsible or liable for any damages and/or losses incurred during your visits. Certified KIH.ASIA Sites can be verified by looking out for a Green Header indicating that the website is a "Certified KIH.ASIA Webpage" on the Summary Page (this page) and that the Seal and Summary Page are being delivered by Your IP Address might be logged for analytical purposes.
If you believe that the Seal or Summary Page is being forged or doctored in anyway, you are welcome to contact us for verification. We will not hesitate to take immediate legal actions against any illegitimate bearers of our seals.